Inspiring Valentine’s Day Ideas for Lovers Who Will Spend the Day At Home

We first think of a romantic dinner at a very chic and a scenic restaurant on Valentine’s Day, however, staying at home on that day can beat all the plans and be unforgettable! Do you wonder how?


Create your own SPA at home

Your favorite scented candles, aromatic massage oils, relaxing music, soft and fluffy towels and a bubble bath.. You don’t need to be in a luxurious hotel room for all of these. Creativity and some effort will help you have your “handmade” SPA atmosphere on your own bathroom.

Prepare a tasting menu that includes your favorite meals

Give up on your usual eating habits and prepare a tasting menu which includes special tastes for you and your lover on Valentine’s Day. For instance, you can cook the meal that you have tasted and liked so much during your previous trips, or you may prepare a meal that has become a joking matter between you so that you can bring a joy to the night.

Organize a Romantic Film Night

Almost everybody likes watching films with the beloved ones. How about creating a romantic mini movie house at home? Let’s decorate the room as a film theater and choose a film that reflects your relationship and bring some snacks. You may even make a handmade tickets that will later become a memory.


Use the power of light

Because of cold weather conditions in winter, it is sometimes hard to make an outdoor activity on Valentine’s Day. So, if you can’t go out to gaze the stars, bring the stars at home! You may create a fabulous atmosphere in your bedroom with the star lamps that you can find from DIY stores.

Create your own bucket list

One of the best parts of love is to dream and plan the future together. Just for this reason, you should remember your goals which you keep delaying because of daily routines and put your new exiting plans on paper on Valentine’s Day.

Decorate every corner of your home with memories

A photo frame from the beginning of your relationship or a gift which your lover has given you on your anniversary...No matter what, remembering your memories will boost the romance much more. So, if you spend the night at home, you may put this kind of memories to every corner of your home, cover the walls with the photos or make a video which shows a slice of your relationship.